Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just put on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants and can fit into them comfortably!! Can I get a woot-woot!?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nature Day

We had the opportunity today to go to the International Peace Gardens with Heidi and her little ones for Nature Day. It was really fun and not to mention, free! I want to go back when things are actually blooming.

This was at the Swiss garden. Sweet boys! The kids really enjoyed running down the paths and picking the dandilions.

We played at a park nearby afterward, because the kids kept asking to go to the park. They didn't quite understand that the gardens were "the park". It's so nice to see that Ellie and Cougar can play nicely. Usually they see each other on Sunday evenings when they are both tired and cranky. Cougar took Phoenix on his first ride down the slide. It was going pretty well until Cougar lost control, fell over and bumped Phee-phee's head on the slide. The crying only lasted until the kids started running around and Phoenix was back to staring.

Baby Goats

With the nice weather last week we took Cougar's fort outside and had a little picnic. Phoenix loved it. He is munching on a giant pretzel stick. Most picnics are ruined by ants. Ours was ruined by pregnant goats. They ran right through it trying to taste everything we had.

On Saturday we had two goats born. I let Cougar name them... Here he is carrying Green. Yes, the goat's name is Green.

SEE!! PHOENIX DOES SMILE!! He got so excited when Purple (Green's sister) walked by and bleated. There is no question that he was sent to the right family.