Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shining Mom Moment

Cougar is outside playing a little t-ball with the neighbor boy, Junior, who's about 6. Junior hit the ball and Cougar was very complimentary "Wow! What a good hit!" Cougar's turn. He hits the tee and the ball barely goes anywhere. Junior says "Whoa, that was stupid." (Hey rude kid!) Cougar just laughed and said "I can't say that, but it was lame, I'll try again." He's not allowed to say stupid and all the thousands of times I've said "Use NICE words" may have sunk in!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Sad.

Our big galoof, Theron has died. He was a big, lurpy, loving yellow lab and I'm going to miss him. We've had him since the first year of our marriage and I thought he had several more good years in him. Theron was a great dog, so willing to please. He loved standing next to me to get his ears scratched and his chest thumped. He helped Mark and I figure out our parenting styles and how to work with each other before we had kids to mess up on. He was the first pet we picked out together. He was a good pick. Goodbye, Friend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Injury

As you may know. Phoenix broke his leg last Monday. I didn't see what happened, but Cougar says he tripped and landed on Phoe-Phoe's legs. Sounds credible to me. He was miserable in his splint, but after they put on the cast on Friday, he's been slowing learning how to be a terror again.

This cast was actually replaced today. I took him back in because the cast was scraping his foot, causing a blister between his toes, and bruising his chubby thigh. Our doctor took one look at it and said "Let's put a new one on." He couldn't believe how worn the thing was after just a few short days. He put on the same color cast, but it extends past his toes and has more room in the foot to avoid all the previous problems.

Two crazy boys sitting on the bathroom counter. (Yes, I am still trying to train both my potty trained boys to put the seat down...)

If I had a girl, she would probably look a little like this. :)

Preschool Graduation!

Cougar had his preschool graduation last week. It's so strange for me to think that he is TOO BIG for preschool. It's on to kindergarten for him now. He's ready and excited. If we can only make it through the summer.

Here he is with his preschool friends putting on a play of the 5 little pigs. (Very similar to the 3 little pigs only with extra kids.)

A-too-ta-tah. A-too-ta-tah. A-too-ta-tay. (something like that) A very classic and very silly song and dance.

Miss Marilyn. This woman supplied sanity for me 3 times a week. She has taught Cougar (and me) so much. We're going to miss her!

Child Slavery

Cougar: "Mommy, what are slaves?"

Me: "Slaves are people who are forced to do hard work."

Cougar: "Oh, like me."