Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Present

Last night we were talking to Cougar about his part in the nativity at Grandma Steele's house. He wanted to dress up like the stable and Mark and I were trying to convince how cool it would be to be a shepherd or a donkey or something that we have a costume for. He piped up "I want to be the special present for Baby Jesus. I want to be gold, frankenstein and myrrh!" I didn't correct him. He's got his whole life to figure out how to say it right...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Promises Kept

The state of the economy has been hard on us as I'm sure it has on so many of you. We've been struggling to keep our heads above water and have seen so many little miracles in our lives lately I just wanted to share a little bit of the part of my testimony that has been growing so much lately. I know that tithing works! I don't want to say that paying our tithing is a burden, but when we've got so many places for money to go and not near enough money, it gets really hard for me to pay that 10%. We've focused on making sure our tithing is the first "bill" paid and what a difference it has made. The miracle is this, the numbers don't match. If you sit down and actually work the math it doesn't make sense. There's more going out than coming in, I know it. That's a tremendous blessing. Another miracle is a very generous secret Santa gift left on our porch. Other gifts have been given from family and ward members that have made this Christmas a very memorable one.

Another, Mommy has more patience. I've recently been thinking about a line from Evan Almighty (no, I don't usually get inspiration from Steve Carrell, but he makes me laugh really hard.) The movie said "When people pray for patience, are they given patience OR are they given the OPPORTUNITY to be patient?" Wow, that got me thinking. Every night I pray for more patience with my active, little guy and every morning I am granted the opportunity to see what Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I just need to always remember that he's right there beside me and that everything I do with Cougar can go one of two ways.

Another miracle happened just a few minutes ago and it's what got me wanting to share. It's such a small thing, but it meant a lot. A few years ago I made us stockings. Mark and Cougar's are made out of matching camo fabric. I realized that Phoenix didn't have one and didn't want him to be left out. (Not that he cares now, but in a few years he will care that Daddy and Cougar have stockings that match) Well, I was all prepared to go to the fabric store later to see if I could find something similar, I was scrounging up all the change I could find to pay for it, when I had the feeling to go look in a particular box in the garage. When I did, there was left over fabric with plenty to make a matching stocking for Chubs. Little things like this have been happening to us all the time lately. How grateful we are not only for the blessings, but for the ability to recognize them for what they truly are. One of the greatest blessings we've received is realizing how much more enjoyable the season is when we don't get caught up in the commercialism of it. I've made several presents for the family and can't wait to see the reaction. More so, than the gifts I did end up buying. I'm so excited! What an amazing Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

We woke up to a few inches of fresh snow on the ground. What a beautiful sight, I just love untouched snow. Well, it couldn't stay untouched for long, Cougar was anxious to play in it. I dug out his snow things and found my snow boots. Phoenix was well fed, changed and just settling down to a nice nap in his favorite place, the swing. I decided to go out with Cougar and give him some well deserved one-on-one time with Mommy. We had a blast! The first thing he did was lay down and make some snow angels.

We had a snowball fight. He had a little trouble so I had to make the ammo and hand it to him so he could throw it at me. We tried to make a snowman, but I just couldn't get it to work. I rolled it and rolled it, but it wouldn't get an bigger. We checked out the classic Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer from the library and Cougar's watched it a million times. He's taken it all to heart. He yelled at me "Hey Mom! Let's play some reindeer games!" "Okay, how do you play" We then reenacted the movie with him as Rudolph and me with all the other characters as needed.
He really liked this giant snowball and wanted to save it in his room. I'm a fun hater and wouldn't let him. I'm in the running for the meanest mommy award. Just ask him, he'll tell you.
When we were all done outside we got some cups and filled them with snow. I happened to have sno cone flavors just waiting for us in the cupboards. Cougar had two snow cones and loved them. It was so fun to have some time for him. He's such a sweet big brother and he's been working so hard at getting potty trained. (He's only had 2 accidents in the past 4 days, wahoo!!) My favorite part I think was when he was using "snow" and "winter" interchangeably "Mommy, look! The kitty's playing in the winter, too!"

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Dinner Conversation

Cougar "How the doctors see our bones?"

Mommy "With an X-ray machine."

Cougar "Can the doctors see Jesus in our bones?"

Mommy "No, you can't see Jesus, you feel him."

Cougar "Where?"

Mommy "In your heart."

Cougar "Where?"

Mommy "In your heart." I now put my hand over my heart.

Cougar "By your shoulder?"

Mommy "Umm....yes."

Cougar "Okay" He goes back to scarfing his pasta.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just discovered this website and had to share with all those that I know love a deal. It's a little like free cycle, but with kids stuff. Here's a little bit taken off their homepage. Check it out. It looks cool.

Zwaggle is a national network of parents who have come together to share.

It's simple: You receive Zwaggle points (or Zoints) by giving your gently used things to other families, then use those Zoints to obtain "new" things for your family.

Sound financially smart? Ecologically responsible? Like a fun way to provide for your kids? It is!

Phoenix Update

We blessed Phoenix on Sunday and it was such a special day. Mark did a really good job with the blessing. It was so amazing to have our families together. Lorraine made the tux, doesn't he look so sweet? My dad made his famous Chicken Noodle Soup for the get together afterward and I should have told him there were twice as many people coming so we would have lots of leftovers. Cougar fell asleep on Grandma Davis' couch around 6. So, we stayed and watched the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. It was a great day!

On Tuesday, Phoenix had his two month check. He's officially a fatty. At 24 inches long he is in the 83rd percentile. (He was in the 77th at his two week check) Being 13 pounds! puts him in the 78th percentile. He was only in the 19th at his two week check. He has really porked up. Dr. Glade was thoroughly impressed. what a chunk!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Almost Feel Like A Person.

So, if you're a mother you probably get that feeling that you aren't really a person, but a set of hands for diaper changes and peanut butter sandwiches. And a living radio that is constantly singing the same songs over and over again. Yesterday, I had a long drive in the car and Cougar was home with Daddy. I got STUCK in traffic. I'm talking stuck! I was in the fast lane in park, engine off for 10 minutes. I decided to try to find out what was going on and switched my radio over to "KSL news radio 1160! (Yes, I am singing) Traffic and Weather together every 10 minutes on the 9s" Well, I got caught up in the talk. I used to hate talk radio. My dad would listen to it. That gardening show would drive me crazy. Who wants to listen to other people talk about different plant diseases? (I know, right now I can think of at least 4 people who would, but really?) I listened to Sean Hannity rant and rave and loved it! I felt intelligent again. I felt less isolated. It was awesome. I had another long drive today (without Cougar, again) and listened to talk the entire time. It wasn't anything life changing. Doug Wright was just asking people what their favorite pop Christmas song was and why. He wasn't changing the world. It was as invigorating as having an adult conversation. I highly recommend, on those days when you feel like your brain is turning to mush. If you're going to loose it if you have to read one more book that rhymes. If you need to get out, but can't. Turn on some talk radio. It's awesome.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phoenix slept for 8 hours last night!!! WAHOO!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Cougar, Phoenix and I went to AutoZone today to switch cars with Mark. Cougar kept asking for different kinds of candy and I kept telling him "No". As we were getting back into the car he said in his sad voice "Mom, I don't want to go to jail, because I love you."

"Okay..." I said not knowing where that came from, but he's often saying very strange things. As I'm buckling him up he tells me he's got candy in a paper bag he was carrying his stuffed animals in. "What?" I open the bag and sure enough right there with his stuffed monkey is a package of Sour Patch Kids. He was quickly marched back to the store where we talked about how stealing was wrong and he had to apologize to the manager (Daddy). I felt kind of rotten that I hadn't been watching him close enough to notice. I was shocked that my sweet boy was turning into a criminal. (I had visions of piercing and tattoos and crazy hair on my sweet little boy in a bright orange jumpsuit) I gave myself a big F on my forehead. Then I realized that he knew it was wrong and he felt bad about it. That means I'm doing something right. We had a teaching moment and hopefully he won't do it again. I can remember stealing a mailbox of conversation hearts when I was around 4 or so. I had eaten all but one before my mom noticed, and the only reason she did notice was because I proudly proclaimed that I was going to share the last one with my older sister, Heidi. I turned out all right (at least I think I did) so there's still hope for Cougie.

Helping Mom

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I've been making a few pies. Cougar loves to help and very often tells me that he's a chef and needs to taste it. I'm not sure where he got that but my guess is Grandpa Kindlespire. Here he is wearing the Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Pudding Pie we made. (Yes, it is as delish as it sounds) I hope I got your mouth watering for tomorrow. Mine sure is. I love turkey.


Phoenix is a growing boy. Here he is zonked out, snuggling with Mama after a wonderful dinner. Yeah, we call him Fatty and Chubs more than his real name. Look at that arm! This sweet boy slept for 6 1/2 solid hours last night. I almost feel like a new woman!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Pictures!

We got family pictures taken last Saturday and I'm so happy! (I would be ecstatic if my oldest son had been slightly more cheerful) The photographer we used was awesome. He took about a bizillion pictures. Considering what Cougar was giving him to work with (screaming, crying, snot, and hands in front of face) he is the Houdini of photographers. Thanks Courtney!!

I don't know why, but I could not get this picture to rotate.

What a cutie! I love that his wrinkley palm is included.

The photographer was able to capture Cougar as he truly is.

Now, why couldn't he smile like this for all the pictures? Stinker! I love this picture. I think it just screams mischief.

By the way, the panda is not a third child. You've got to pick your battles and Cougar really wanted to hold the stinkin' thing. It didn't really help him smile, but at least he's not screaming.

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Blog Rename

So a few weeks ago my older sister renamed her blog to "We Love to Live". Taken from a poem written by a great grandma of ours. I was jealous because I didn't think of it first. I've never really liked the name of our blog but couldn't think of anything else. Well, after coming across our wedding invitation I finally had a stroke of genius. On our wedding invite we (or I, Mark didn't really have a choice about it) included an ending line from one of Grandma's poems.
Just one place I am belonging,
and I know it is with you.
Well, it's still true. There is only one place for me and that's with these boys. Crazy though the days may be. Even if I have to deal with 3 bird breeders (Phoenix's favorite toy is a red little bird, it starts so young.) I can't think of a better place for me. And with that I change the name of our blog to Just One Place.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cougar said "We go at the zeeum. We on a scabber hunt for horthogs. They have forns."

This was said while telling Daddy about our trip to the Bean Museum today.

Translation. "We went to the museum. We were on a scavenger hunt for worthogs. They have horns." He also decided that one of the lions, "With the hair all around" (a mane) looks like Daddy. We had a fun trip. Cougar was so excited and amazingly well behaved.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pheasants and Phreezers

This past weekend was the annual Utah Pheasant Society Show. It's something that Mark looks forward to all year long. If you're wondering what a pheasant show is think, dog show, but with pheasants. (As I say that I get a funny image of Mark running his birds around a ring with green carpet). Anyway, it's always fun to see how our birds compare with others. Mark got a whole load of ribbons including 10 first place. Cougar entered some birds this year as well. He got 1 first place, 1 second and 2 third. Man, was he proud of himself.

I've said this before, but I really don't get the obsession with birds. I try to be supportive and I really do enjoy seeing Mark win something that is important to him, but if we stopped raising birds tomorrow I don't think I'd miss it. However, this show made it worth it to me. Every year at the show they have a big raffle. We have won little things(boxes of cheese its and various other things) But this year, we won BIG. Cougar's ticket was drawn for a brand new, still in the box, 21 cubic foot, upright, frigidaire freezer. I couldn't hardly believe it. I've been wanting a freezer for soooooooo long! I'm so excited! That's the power of positive thinking. I had been telling everyone all weekend that it was mine. I was going to win it. What a blessing! I can't wait to go to costco now I've got some real freezer space!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Would You Do?

I had to make a decision yesterday and was just wondering what others might do in the same situation. Reams is having a sell on fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.39 a pound. Wow, that's a great price! I stopped in to buy some. When I looked at the first package of chicken I noticed something that made my stomach lurch. A long black hair was packaged in nicely right along with the chicken. (I'll pause here while you struggle to hold back the vomit you feel working it's way to the surface.)

So, what would you do? I only saw one black hair and there were several other packages. Do you skip over the nasty one and buy the ones that look safe? Or do you assume all packages are contaminated and go pay at least a dollar more per pound elsewhere? I'm not going to tell you what I did. I just am curious what you might do.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Past Week

We had a fun busy week. Grandma and Grandpa Davis came home from their mission in Arizona on a Navajo Reservation last Thursday. We got together quite a bit over the weekend. It didn't even seem like they had been gone for 18 months. It's so great to have them home! Cougar especially loved playing with his cousins and is looking forward to the time we get together again.

On Saturday, Mark went hunting with his dad and older brother Todd. Nobody got anything and they came home much earlier than expected. Mark got to come with us to Pumpkinland at a nursery in Orem. It was nice to have him around (we're kind of forgetting what's it's like to be all together at the same time.)

Phoenix had his two week check on Tuesday. He now weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces and is 21 inches long. I personally was surprised that he hadn't gained more weight. He eats just about every 2 hours, sheesh. His numbers put him in the 21st percentile for weight and head size and the 77th for length. So, just like the other boys in the house he is tall and skinny. I really don't get to fit in I've got Kindlespire genes which means short and squatty. (Thanks again, Dad) :)

And last, but not least Mark got the biggest deer of his life on Tuesday. He went back out with Gayle and it payed off. It's a three by four that he is very proud of. Cougar thought it was pretty cool. It is currently hanging up outside waiting for me to make jerky. (I don't get hunting, but I'm happy for Mark!)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Introducing Phoenix Kimball Davis

Cougar and Phoenix. I love the face Cougar's making. He kept making this face that was full of excitement and uncertainty at the same time. This is the closest we got to capturing it.

Phoenix and Daddy. It's been so fun to see Mark with Phoenix. He's an old pro at this baby thing now and just makes the cutest Daddy. He's been so incredibly supportive through very difficult times for me. He's the greatest decision I've ever made. I love you, Sweetheart!

There's always room on Mommy's lap.

I realized Mark didn't even blog our little guy's name. It's Phoenix Kimball Davis and we're so excited that he's finally here. What a miracle. It amazes me how deeply you can love a person, how much love can be in one heart. It's amazing how you can be completely incomplete and not realize it until that spot you didn't know was empty is filled up. I've felt that when I married Mark and then again when Cougar came to us and once again with Phoenix. I've heard all the time how you just find more love for the children added to your family, you don't love anybody any less you just love more. How true it is. I already can't imagine my life without this little guy.

Cougar has been so good with him. He's gentle and kind and tells me he loves his baby.
We're all doing very well and thank you all for your amazing love and support.

Monday, October 6, 2008

HE is here

We are now the proud parents of 2 boys. The second came at 1:26 pm and was 7 pounds even and 18" long. I am sure that Kristi will post more latter on so stay alert.

Friday, October 3, 2008

May Be Too Much Info.

I had a doctor's appointment today and because I know some of you are wondering....I'm dialated to a 1 and am 80% effaced. The doctor also stripped my membranes. I've had some stronger contractions, but they died down and I don't really think they were much more than Braxton Hicks. Mark is supposed to do duck hunting tomorrow morning so, we'll see what happens tonight.

PS If that was more than you wanted to know about me, then sorry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For Heidi.

Grandma Bauer's Pumpkin Squares

1. 1 package yellow cake mix minus one cup.
1/2 cup softened butter
1 egg
Mix and press into a well greased 9 X 13 pan

2. 1 can 29oz pumpkin
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2/3 cup evaporated milk
1/2 t salt
1 1/2 t ginger
1/2 t cinnamon
1 1/4 t nutmeg
1/2 t cloves
Mix well and pour over crust

3. 1/4 cup sugar
1 cup yellow cake mix
1/4 cup softened butter
1/2 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
Mix, crumble and sprinkle over mixture.
Bake at 350 for 50 minutes.
Can serve with whip cream on top. (I highly reccomend that)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yay for Me!!

I'm amazing! I sewed this almost all by myself. My sweet older sister helped me cut it out, but everything else was me! By the way, it's a nursing cover-up. (You know, one of those things that ties around the neck so the baby can't pull it off. It also has some boning in the front so that you can see the baby. It's supposed to help eliminate the need for two extra hands when you're trying to nurse AND stay modest) I found this really easy pattern on the internet and made it just today. It took me a couple of hours, but I'm slow. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and can't wait to actually use it. (hint, hint, baby)

Fall is Here!

Fall is officially here! How do I know? Forget the calendar and the equinox thing. Those are rather unreliable in my opinion. In our family, two things ALWAYS happen in the fall.

1. I start wanting to eat pumpkin anything (and everything).
2. Mark starts shopping for a new shotgun.

The shopping has been going on for at little while now and last night I made Grandma Bauer's Pumpkin Squares. Yummy. Please forgive the picture I know it looks a lot more like pumpkin splotch and not very appetizing, but it is delish! It takes every ounce of will power I have to not eat the whole pan in one sitting. So, welcome Fall! Be kind, stay a while, share your beautiful weather and don't let it start snowing too soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008


As a mother, every once in a while you have a moment when you realize that what you hope to teach your child has been sinking in. They seem to come so far between those feelings of inadequacy and doubt, but they really touch your heart somewhere deep.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Preschool Presentation, Good Deals, Charlie Brown

Cougar had "his day" in preschool today which meant I got to go and observe for the day. He basically got to choose what they did all day. He got to help lead the class in songs, decide what they did outside, which book they read (If You Give a Pig a Pancake), he even got to bring the snack (Teddy Grahams Trail Mix and Kool-aid) and present a poster about himself. We had worked on the poster the night before and he picked all kinds of pictures (many of which have been posted on this blog at some point) and colored it with markers. Since he started preschool I've been thrown for a loop because he's influenced by someone when I'm not there. He says things to me and talks about things and I have no idea what he's talking about. So, it was fun to be able to observe his class and his teacher. Things make a little more sense, now. Like when Cougar asked me one day out of the blue "May I have more milk, please" (I try to instill good manners, but have never worked on 'may I') Well, Miss Marilyn helps them to use good manners. When he was coloring his poster with markers he kept telling me "Listen for the clip" as he was putting the lid on. Today Miss Marilyn got out some markers and said "Make sure when you're done you put the lid on and listen for the click." It's just so strange to me to not know everything that Cougar is involved with anymore. It was also fun to see him interact with the other kids. It's a little different than when he's with his cousins or at nursery. He's rather funny. He was swinging on a two person swing with a little girl and they were getting pretty high and he yells at the top of his lungs "Miss Marilyn!" (he was pretending like I wasn't there most of the day) "We're on our way to Jesus!"

We went to DI today. I had a brilliant idea to use a dish drying rack to hold Cougar's bath toys (they never seem to get dry and it's really been driving me nuts lately. It's hard to get clean when the bath toys are slimy). I also have been on a picture book rampage. I searched the shelves of DI a while ago and found so many that we love that I can't go without spending about 1/2 hour searching for more fun books. Well, I found a real treasure today and just have to share. I found "Where the Wild Things Are" which is a book I believe no home should be without, but somehow we were without it. It's in pristine condition! No tears, marks or damage of any kind. It was a dollar. I felt like it was a little pricy for a second hand book and almost put it back, but it is a hardback. I talked my cheap self into it. (Yay me!)

I rented "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for Cougar this week and he's watched it over and over and over again. (He's got a thing for pumpkins lately) I think he memorized it so I shouldn't be surprised that when I dropped something at DI today he said "Mom, you blockhead" I was a little taken a back, but he meant it in a loving way, like when I call him a stinker, but you should have seen the face of the old lady standing near us. She was shocked!

The picture is something Cougar found at DI that he absolutely couldn't live without and for 5o cents I thought "what the heck, we can add it to our sorry dress up box" He loves it and wore it for quite a while tonight. It you can't tell, it's a sunflower headband. Goofball.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Why is it so quiet??

I had one of those scary mom moments today. You know, when you suddenly realize it's way too quiet. I went looking for Cougar and here's what I found. He had rediscovered our meager supply of dressup items (It's hard to find dress up stuff for boys).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Salem Pet Fair

Cougar and I went to the Salem Pet Fair today. I volunteer for a rescue and adoption agency and they were basically in charge of it, so I was helping. Cougar had a blast. He played on the playground for most of the day. Except when they were having worm races. Basically, each kid picks a worm and puts in in a circle that's about 3 inches in diameter. The first worm to make it out of the circle wins the race. Well, when the race was over the people in charge told a few of the little boys to keep the worms so Cougar ended up with a cup full of about 20 nightcrawlers. I've decided that's the best way to keep a little boy entertained he played with them for hours and is still playing with them. He also got this cool caterpillar painted on his face. He thinks he's the luckiest kid in the world.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Great End to the Day.

Cougar and I just went to the greatest thing ever! I signed us up for a Cradled in Literacy workshop, which is a little four week program put on by Spanish Fork City. It was entirely free (sounds great already, but it gets better) Basically, they took the kids and had licensed child care providers watch them (snacks and finger painting included) while the mothers/parents had a class about instilling a love of reading in children. Taught by a couple of women with big degrees and lots of experience. They gave us a binder full of ideas and tips and even a book. If You Give a Pig a Pancake. It was so cool! Then they bring the kids in with the parents and have you practice what you just talked about. I loved it! Cougar loved it. I feel all rejuvenated and ready to be that super fun mom I am in my dreams. I just can't wait for next week.

A Rough Start to the Day.

Last Saturday, Mark found a kitten in our yard that was sick and needed some love. As our house is always open to furry creatures in need of a little help I took him in right away and started nursing him back to health. He did okay for a while, but yesterday afternoon he made a very quick decline and at about bedtime it became clear to me that the little guy probably wasn't going to make it through the night. Knowing I had to help my little animal lover understand what was about to happen, I talked to Cougar about how he was very sick and hurting. I told him Heavenly Father might take him to live with him. I told Cougar he should say goodbye to him, just in case. We said goodbye, Cougar sang the kitty Twinkle Twinkle (his favorite song) and then we snuggled for a little while. Being a mommy (and often an impatient mommy) I've seen a lot of tears. Tantrum tears, Owie tears, Don't wanna go to bed tears, Frustrated Tears and Tired tears. Nothing compares to plain old Sad tears. Cougar was fighting to not cry about it, until I told him it was okay. I could just feel his poor heart breaking. We finished the night with Cougar saying two very earnest "Bless my kitty prayers". About an hour after he fell asleep the kitty passed on. This morning we got up early for a "sunrise service". Mark and I explained to Cougar that the kitty found a new home with Jesus. With a shoebox casket we went outside to find a proper place to bury it. Cougar lost it. He didn't want to bury it. I asked what we should do and he said we should put in in the garbage (that's what Mark does with his birds so I guess it makes sense to Cougar) . For the next half hour Cougar cried and told me over and over again that he doesn't like Jesus and wants his kitty back. That was so hard for me to hear. One of those moments that you feel like you're failing and wonder what you're doing wrong. I then felt inspired to tell Cougar about when my grandma died. I told him she was probably playing with our kitty right now. That helped him to feel lots better. I'm sure some would say that 3 1/2 is a little young to understand death, but I've never believed in lying about what happened. ("Fluffy ran away") So, thank you for reading my long blog entry, it was more for me than anyone else. I guess I'm grieving a little too. It does take a lot of energy and love to care for such a sick kitty. Love to all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just got bit by Satan's right hand mosquito. It bit me about an inch below my overstretched supposed-to-be-an-innie-but-is-an-outie belly button. Come on! Isn't my poor belly going through enough already. Cursed mosquito. I didn't even have the satisfaction of catching it in the act and swatting it. It got away with it and will probably go bite another unsuspecting prego belly. Where's the hydrocortisone?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Ella is Here!!

Yeah whoa! Not my baby. It's still cooking. Jake and Tandi had their little girl. 6 pounds 14 ounces. We're so excited for them. Congratulations to Jake, Tandi and new big sister Halli!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay, in some ways he's growing way too fast, and in others he's dragging. All you mothers out there, I need some help! I need suggestions on how to get one strong-willed little boy to poop in the potty. The only way he is successful without fail is if he is naked. As soon as you put anything on that little bum it's fair game to poop in. I'm at my wits end! Help.

Growing Too Fast.

Cougar and I went to the library today and Cougar said "I want to go on the elebator." It broke my heart! For months he's called it an "alligator". He can't say it right! Where's the fun in that. Next thing you know he's going to be getting married! He's just growing way too fast!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Funny Sidenote

We went to a friend's wedding reception tonight (Congratulations again, Black Al). It was in the backyard of someone the bride knew, I think. One of those immaculately tended to gardens, just gorgeous. Cougar was off playing with some little boys. While we were watching them, two of these boys ran off to a corner of the garden, unzipped their pants and piddled right there among the flowers! Mark and I laughed so hard, (only because it wasn't our child). Cougar, luckily remained oblivious to what was going on and continued playing. If I was their mother I would have been mortified! (She didn't notice, by the way, and neither did their dad who was right there.) I know little boys have a tendency to go potty outside (okay, big boys do too). But, I never imagined they would do it in such a public place, while wearing their Sunday best! For the rest of my life I'm going to be watching my boys like a hawk at all outdoor wedding receptions!

Christopher Robin

It was stormy this afternoon, not terrible, but a little drizzly. Cougar saw it as the perfect opportunity to go outside and play. I imagine this is what Christopher Robin would look like if he were American and not such a prim and proper British child. Spiderman umbrella and good old muck boots.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Harvest Time!

We had homegrown corn for dinner tonight. Mark and I picked it right out of our yard and it was not only edible, but delicious! (IFA's TripleSweet corn seed, if you're wondering what kind it was) And what did we have to accompany this fine vegetable? Turkey Pastrami Sandwiches. Delish! I almost felt like I was back at Lake Powell. To top off such a fantastic dinner Mark came home right as I was dishing Cougar and I up (he was about 1/2 hour sooner than expected) so we got to eat together as a family. Wonderful! Cougar says "Thanks for making dinner, Mommy" just about every night. (Even when Daddy made it). Tonight he said "Great dinner, Mom!" I love that. It gives me just a glimpse of what it would be like if I actually enjoyed cooking. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cougar's First Day of School

Cougar had his first day of preschool yesterday. He was so excited to go. He's worked hard to get ready for the big day. He went right in with no problems and was too busy to say goodbye to his poor mommy. I only cried a little bit when I got to the car. He looked so handsome and so proud of himself.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Somebody Explain!!

I just bought Mark a package of socks. Nothing fancy just regular Hanes Cushion Crew (now with ecosmart fibers). Could somebody please explain to me why these socks are in a resealable bag? Do socks go bad? Should I be storing them in the fridge? I just really don't get it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I have emerged!

Okay, so it has been a while! I must admit I was in a Breaking Dawn bubble for a while. It then turned into a potty training bubble which (thank heavens) has proven successful. Sorta, we're still dealing with occasional accidents, but we're getting better. Alleluia! I get a brief break from diapers! We are all doing well, lots has happened in the past few weeks. We had a fun time at the zoo with cousins. Cougar got to meet his preschool teacher. Mark worked on getting the wall up for the third bedroom and is continuing to do so. He starts another semester on Wednesday and we are all just dreading it. It seems like we've had about 2 years of school left for the last 5 years. It's like we're stuck in a time warp. I'm sure anybody who's gone to college knows exactly the feeling I'm talking about.

In case anybody was wondering I am two weeks past the time I had Cougar (he was born at 31 weeks and I'm now almost to 33). My blood pressure is lower than it usually is when I'm non-prego. (About 100/60) I'm very quickly beginning to realize that I really missed the uncomfortable ending part of pregnancy. I feel like my belly button is going to rip open at any moment (For those of you that have finished it, this feeling combined with certain parts of Breaking Dawn have not helped my very strange prego dreams. I'm sure you can figure out what I'm talking about, if not don't worry about it, it's not going to change your life)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

Cougar and I headed down to Lake Powell with my family for 5 days. Poor Mark had to stay home and go to work. We had a great time! Cougar had a list of things to do before we even got the houseboat beached. It was 1. sand 2. tent 3. fish. I'm happy to report we got every last thing and then some checked off his list.

Dad and I were just way too matchy-matchy to not take a picture.

Here's a wonderful picture of Cougar helping to catch a fish. I was in the middle of changing his diaper and putting on his pjs when Grampa hooked a catfish. The fish couldn't wait for Cougar to get dressed.

The beach was covered with little toads that Cougar could catch all by himself. He loved it. Little boy heaven, that's the definition of Lake Powell.

We got to go on a couple of (not exactly successful) striper fishing trips. Here's what I got when I asked him to show me his excited about going fishing face. Cousin Emma is looking cute as usual in the background.

Cougar also had a blast swimming. He never did get up enough nerve to swim by himself, but we'll work on that. As long as he had a hold of somebody's hand he did pretty well. Here he is swimming with Aunt Nikki.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Worries Come True

To those of you who came to Lake Powell with me and chuckled at my worries about how many new creatures I would find when I got home, here's proof that I'm not nuts and not exaggerating. I was gone for 5 days and when I came home Mark had 43 new birds and at least 10 new cages. He does get a few points though because the truck was sold and the lawn and garden weren't completely dead. Lake Powell pictures and such to follow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

We had a great Pioneer Day. We loved having Daddy home from work for the day. We started out by going to the Spanish Fork Parade. Cougar was very excited.

Here he is waiting for the parade to start, "reading" the program. Somebody came by and gave him the blue balloon. Candy was thrown through out the whole parade and Cougar raked it in. He loves parades.

Only in Spanish Fork....What more can I say? An entry in the parade appeared to be just a bunch of people riding their tractors. This was my favorite. Before I die I will have a pink tractor. :)

Okay this was just cool. This was a entry from a company called Terraflex, I think. Basically they get jeeps ready for rock crawling. So this is what they did in the parade. (The picture does not do it justice.) They were driving down the street (the yellow one in front was going backward) then they would stop and drive their jeeps up each other's tires and hold it there for a moment. They'd get all four tires back on the street and drive a little bit further down the route and do it all again. It was pretty cool to watch.
We also got to go hang out with Gayla and her kids, Matt and Carrie and theirs, and Pam and Kade at Gayle and Lorraine's house. It was good to see them. It had been a while. Cougar loves playing with his cousins and was sad to go. He was also sad to leave the Wii. He got to play a few games and loved it. He bowled (we all know how much he loves that) and he played Uncle Matt in a game of Wii baseball. It was pretty funny, if you've never seen somebody play a wii you're missing out. We loved the day and crashed when we got home.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fiesta Days!

We went to the fiesta days carnival for family night. We told Cougar on the way there and stressed it continually. "You are going to get 10 tickets and when those are all gone, no more rides we're going home" It turns out that 10 was way more than enough. Cougar would have ridden more, but the lines were so long we were there until they closed anyway. We did develop a strategy I would take Cougar on the ride and wait for him to get off while Mark would save a place in the next line. It was a good thing we did this, too because we still had to wait nearly 45 minutes to get on the Ferris Wheel.

Cougar and Mark on the Merry-Go-Round for the second time. This was actually the last ride we did and Cougar had the ride completely to himself.

Once again a merry-go-round, but this time with motorcycles! He had this ride to himself, too. My little brother used to misprounce motorcycles by saying motorsnycles. Mark still calls them motorsnycles and asked Cougar "What do you want to ride? A motorsnycle?" Cougar promptly responded "No, Dad. A motorCYCLE!" He didn't say it, but you could see him thinking "duh Dad"

I took Cougie on the Dragon "roller coaster" and while standing in line he watched all the kids put their hands up in the air and scream so he knew exactly what to do when he got on. I was surprised I knew he would have fun, but I thought he would maintain a white knuckle grip on the bar. Nope, he's fearless. He threw his hands up in the air and was happy screaming right along with the rest of the kids. This is a picture of our re-enanctment. I guess I've found my roller coaster riding partner.

Here he is riding the up and down spinning thing. He was very concerned everytime that little girl let go of the handle in front of her. I saw him say "hold on" and grab her hand and put it back on the handle a couple of times. Bossy, safety kid.

Riding in a lady bug. Nice smile. This is him saying cheese. I've started asking for a nice smile instead, but most of the time he says "I can't smile, my stomach's sore".

This was taken while waiting in line for the first ride he went on. I asked him to show me his excited face and this is what I got. Stinker.

This is the first ride he went on. He loved it. He "drove" that jeep all around the tiny track. It's so funny how such a little ride can be such a thrill.

Cougar and Mark also rode the Ferris Wheel. I was going to go, but they kicked me off as soon as they saw I was pregnant, oh well. It's probably for the best, I enjoy roller coasters and such, but when the Ferris Wheel stops and you're just sitting there at the very, very top I get really nervous and I probably would have crushed Cougar's arm holding on so he wouldn't fall.

We had a great time and Cougar asked to go back "next week" We said "How 'bout next year?" and he promptly agreed. He has no clue the difference between a day, week or year, but I guess knowing he can go back at all is good enough for him.