Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Pictures!

We got family pictures taken last Saturday and I'm so happy! (I would be ecstatic if my oldest son had been slightly more cheerful) The photographer we used was awesome. He took about a bizillion pictures. Considering what Cougar was giving him to work with (screaming, crying, snot, and hands in front of face) he is the Houdini of photographers. Thanks Courtney!!

I don't know why, but I could not get this picture to rotate.

What a cutie! I love that his wrinkley palm is included.

The photographer was able to capture Cougar as he truly is.

Now, why couldn't he smile like this for all the pictures? Stinker! I love this picture. I think it just screams mischief.

By the way, the panda is not a third child. You've got to pick your battles and Cougar really wanted to hold the stinkin' thing. It didn't really help him smile, but at least he's not screaming.

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The Hillmans said...

Cute pictures! They turned out really well, even if Cougar was being a stinker.

Lindsay said...

What a cute little family!!! I am jelous that you have had your done.

Lindsay Marie said...

I love these pictures. You're family is so adorable.

Shannon and Doug said...

You look amazing! What a beautiful Family!