Friday, May 31, 2013

8 Years Old

8 years ago today I was the most terrified I have ever been.  My body was giving up and could no longer support the little person it had been growing for 31 weeks.  Cougar came into this world a lot sooner than we had planned and at 2 lbs 13oz smaller than we knew a baby could be.  He seemed so frail and breakable, but quickly began teaching us what it means to be strong.

This little boy changed my life in ways that I never imagined.  Because of him I became a mother, a cherished and honored role that brings more joys and challenges than anything else I could aspire to do.  He has taught me in quiet moments to pray to a Heavenly Father who loves me much more than I am capable of comprehending.  Cougar has helped me to understand how one can give a life for another, just like my Savior gave his for me.

Through great pain and suffering Cougar grew and developed better than was expected.  He did not once look back at his difficult beginning and make excuses or give up.  He moves forward every day of his life.

 Cougar turns 8 years old today and continues to be an example to me.  He is a tenderhearted, kind child who loves to serve those around him.  He is helpful and thoughtful and patient.  He is creative and smart.  He makes people laugh and learns quickly.  He could tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Star Wars and Legos.  He loves his little brothers and is an example to them.  I look back on all these years and wonder how we got to this place.  I haven't known what I am doing as a mother and still haven't messed him up yet.  Maybe, that alone, speaks volumes of his resilience.  

Cougar has made the decision to be baptized which makes my heart sing with joy.  He will continue to be an example to all around him as he makes choices and grows to be a young man.  I hope that he always keeps his tender heart and the ready smile.  He is a wonder and to me he is wonderful.  Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ingredient List.

Here it is, because I know some of you are interested.  This is the list of ingredients that Phoenix cannot have.  It is not enough for the part of the label that says "Contains: Wheat, soy, peanuts, milk," to not include milk.  His food also has to be free of these ingredients.  Fun post, right?

Acidophilus Milk, Butter, Butter Fat, Butter Oil, Butter Solids, Butter milk Powder, Casein, Caseinate, Cheese, Condensed Milk, Cottage Cheese, Cream, Curds, Custard, Delactosed Whey, Demineralized Whey, Dry Milk Powder, Dry Milk Solids, Evaporated Milk, Ghee, Goat Milk, Half & Half, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Lactalbumin, Lactoferrin, Lactoglobulin, Lactose, Lactulose, Low-Fat Milk, Malted Milk, Milk, Milk Derivative, Milk Fat, Milk Powder, Milk Protein, Milk Solids, Natural Butter Flavor, Nonfat Milk, Nougat, Paneer, Pudding, Recaldent, Rennet, Simpless, Skim Milk, Sour Cream, Sour Milk Solids, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Sweet Whey, Whey, Whey Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whipped Cream Whipped Topping, Whole Milk, Yogurt

Friday, June 29, 2012

Phoenix's Diagnosis

     We finally have some answers for what has become known far and wide as "Phoenix's Poop Problems"  On Tuesday he underwent an endoscopy in which Dr. Harnsberger took samples of his intestines, stomach and esophagus.  Phoe was found to be "profoundly lactose intolerant".  This was determined by measuring the amount of an enzyme called lactase that breaks down the lactose in food.  A normal person's lactase level is around 25.  A lactose intolerant person's level is usually around 8 to 10.  Phoenix's lactase level is 1.6.  He is going to be lactose intolerant for the rest of his life.  The reason why we saw no results on our week dairy free is because he has been having trouble for so long that he has a large amount of bacteria build up from the fermenting, undigested lactose in his system.

     The plan now, is to give him a special antibiotic to clear up the bacteria and feed him a completely dairy free menu.  Hopefully, we will start to see improvements quickly.  I feel totally overwhelmed by this daunting diagnosis as I realize how much dairy we eat as a family.  I'm trying to look on the bright side and remember that this is in no way life-threatening.  If we do mess up and he gets a bit of milk or something, the worst that will happen is a bit of diarrhea.

           We can do hard things!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Grotto

When I was growing up, and in fact, still today we had a tried and true, kid tested, easy enjoyable hike that was close to home.  We call it Tarzan's Bathtub or just The Bathtub for short.   It is up Battlecreek Canyon in Pleasant Grove.  We loved it and still do.  Luckily, when we moved down to the southern end of Utah county we found another perfect hike that would meet all the same criteria.  It's called the grotto.  It's short and easy, has a few bridges to cross, and ends with water and plenty of rocks to throw in the water.  The boys and I decided to go on this hike today, even though Daddy was working.  We got our lunches packed and headed up.

We took Juniper, because she is Phoenix's best buddy.  It also doesn't hurt to hand the little one the leash and have Juniper half pull him up the trail.  

My three little guys.  Aren't they the cutest?

This is a rare moment.  Sometimes it seems that all these two do is yell at each other.

Cougar sitting and enjoying his lunch by the waterfall.  We love this hike!  Gorgeous!

I love this picture of Phoe.  He is actually eating something!  It's a miracle!  All in all it was a great afternoon and we had a blast.  Too bad Daddy couldn't come.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's been a long time!

It's been way too long since we've had a blog post.  Here's a little family update.

Phoenix is 3 years old and full of spunk.  He talks constantly and has quite a witty sense of humor.  His latest, most often repeated phrase is "I kidding".  He got a hair cut today and Mommy got it cut short!  His curls are almost gone.  I'm pretty sure they'll grow back.  We got him seated in the chair and the stylist started to brush his hair when he started yelling "I'n a boy!  I'n a boy!"  I translated for him and he settled down, I guess he just wanted to make sure he was getting a boy hair cut.  

Mark continues to work at AutoZone and enjoys it.  He comes home and works on our house and does all the things I was unable to accomplish during the day. What a great guy! 

Cougar is Cougar, what can I say?  He's in first grade and is reading like a maniac.  It's so fun to see him actually reading and enjoying it!  He's getting tall, he's almost up to my shoulder!  He's got lots of friends at school and in our new ward.  It's fun to see him confidently interacting with kids his own age.  He reminds me a lot of David, my little brother.

There's no picture of me, I'm always behind the camera.  I'm 33 weeks along with our third little one.  I'm getting really anxious to meet this little person that is bruising my insides.  I'm feeling good and going strong!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spiderman is a Jedi Knight

Cougar convinced me to get down the dress up box today. Boy, did they have fun.

Cougar asked me to take this picture so that it would look like a storm trooper had walked in our house. How many storm troopers have cute little toes poking out of their boots?
We have an abundance of lightsabers at our house. They come out to play mulitple times a day. This picture was taken right off our front porch. You can be jealous of our view. :)
Phoenix was so excited to see this Spiderman costume, he about jumped out of his skin before we could get it on him. We had to go show Daddy at work. Okay, we didn't have to, but it was a fun reason to get out of the house. In the car Phoenix kept saying "Ee! I Spy!" ("See I'm Spiderman!")

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

Mark's been gone on a little business trip to Las Vegas the past couple days. He's back now, and I'm not the only one who missed him.

By the way, Phoenix is out of his crib and now sleeps in a toddler bed. I wonder how this picture would look if he was still in the crib?