Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Grotto

When I was growing up, and in fact, still today we had a tried and true, kid tested, easy enjoyable hike that was close to home.  We call it Tarzan's Bathtub or just The Bathtub for short.   It is up Battlecreek Canyon in Pleasant Grove.  We loved it and still do.  Luckily, when we moved down to the southern end of Utah county we found another perfect hike that would meet all the same criteria.  It's called the grotto.  It's short and easy, has a few bridges to cross, and ends with water and plenty of rocks to throw in the water.  The boys and I decided to go on this hike today, even though Daddy was working.  We got our lunches packed and headed up.

We took Juniper, because she is Phoenix's best buddy.  It also doesn't hurt to hand the little one the leash and have Juniper half pull him up the trail.  

My three little guys.  Aren't they the cutest?

This is a rare moment.  Sometimes it seems that all these two do is yell at each other.

Cougar sitting and enjoying his lunch by the waterfall.  We love this hike!  Gorgeous!

I love this picture of Phoe.  He is actually eating something!  It's a miracle!  All in all it was a great afternoon and we had a blast.  Too bad Daddy couldn't come.

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The Hillmans said...

Love it! It's good to hear from you ;) That hike is a fantastic one, we'll have to plan a time we can go with you again.