Friday, May 31, 2013

8 Years Old

8 years ago today I was the most terrified I have ever been.  My body was giving up and could no longer support the little person it had been growing for 31 weeks.  Cougar came into this world a lot sooner than we had planned and at 2 lbs 13oz smaller than we knew a baby could be.  He seemed so frail and breakable, but quickly began teaching us what it means to be strong.

This little boy changed my life in ways that I never imagined.  Because of him I became a mother, a cherished and honored role that brings more joys and challenges than anything else I could aspire to do.  He has taught me in quiet moments to pray to a Heavenly Father who loves me much more than I am capable of comprehending.  Cougar has helped me to understand how one can give a life for another, just like my Savior gave his for me.

Through great pain and suffering Cougar grew and developed better than was expected.  He did not once look back at his difficult beginning and make excuses or give up.  He moves forward every day of his life.

 Cougar turns 8 years old today and continues to be an example to me.  He is a tenderhearted, kind child who loves to serve those around him.  He is helpful and thoughtful and patient.  He is creative and smart.  He makes people laugh and learns quickly.  He could tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Star Wars and Legos.  He loves his little brothers and is an example to them.  I look back on all these years and wonder how we got to this place.  I haven't known what I am doing as a mother and still haven't messed him up yet.  Maybe, that alone, speaks volumes of his resilience.  

Cougar has made the decision to be baptized which makes my heart sing with joy.  He will continue to be an example to all around him as he makes choices and grows to be a young man.  I hope that he always keeps his tender heart and the ready smile.  He is a wonder and to me he is wonderful.  Happy Birthday!