Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

We had a great Pioneer Day. We loved having Daddy home from work for the day. We started out by going to the Spanish Fork Parade. Cougar was very excited.

Here he is waiting for the parade to start, "reading" the program. Somebody came by and gave him the blue balloon. Candy was thrown through out the whole parade and Cougar raked it in. He loves parades.

Only in Spanish Fork....What more can I say? An entry in the parade appeared to be just a bunch of people riding their tractors. This was my favorite. Before I die I will have a pink tractor. :)

Okay this was just cool. This was a entry from a company called Terraflex, I think. Basically they get jeeps ready for rock crawling. So this is what they did in the parade. (The picture does not do it justice.) They were driving down the street (the yellow one in front was going backward) then they would stop and drive their jeeps up each other's tires and hold it there for a moment. They'd get all four tires back on the street and drive a little bit further down the route and do it all again. It was pretty cool to watch.
We also got to go hang out with Gayla and her kids, Matt and Carrie and theirs, and Pam and Kade at Gayle and Lorraine's house. It was good to see them. It had been a while. Cougar loves playing with his cousins and was sad to go. He was also sad to leave the Wii. He got to play a few games and loved it. He bowled (we all know how much he loves that) and he played Uncle Matt in a game of Wii baseball. It was pretty funny, if you've never seen somebody play a wii you're missing out. We loved the day and crashed when we got home.

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