Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scwubbly and Cotton

I have decided to raise chickens for eggs and meat. (The thought was, we're feeding enough dang birds it's time for them to feed us!) Anyway, we happened to find a guy in Payson selling the exact kind of chick I wanted. Plymouth Rock. (that's a dual purpose breed of chicken, good layers and broilers) We went and bought 10, he threw in 2 extra, so we've got 12 chickens growing nice and fat. Cougar fell in love with the smallest one and named her Scwubbly. (I'm guessing at the spelling) It's the first name he's ever come up with without any help. By the way, this is the face he makes now whenever he says cheese so be prepared to see it a lot more.

Mark helped a bird guy friend of his build something and the friend gave him some geese and ducks. Just what we need, more birds! One of the geese is just a fuzzy baby and we named it Cotton.
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