Monday, August 4, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

Cougar and I headed down to Lake Powell with my family for 5 days. Poor Mark had to stay home and go to work. We had a great time! Cougar had a list of things to do before we even got the houseboat beached. It was 1. sand 2. tent 3. fish. I'm happy to report we got every last thing and then some checked off his list.

Dad and I were just way too matchy-matchy to not take a picture.

Here's a wonderful picture of Cougar helping to catch a fish. I was in the middle of changing his diaper and putting on his pjs when Grampa hooked a catfish. The fish couldn't wait for Cougar to get dressed.

The beach was covered with little toads that Cougar could catch all by himself. He loved it. Little boy heaven, that's the definition of Lake Powell.

We got to go on a couple of (not exactly successful) striper fishing trips. Here's what I got when I asked him to show me his excited about going fishing face. Cousin Emma is looking cute as usual in the background.

Cougar also had a blast swimming. He never did get up enough nerve to swim by himself, but we'll work on that. As long as he had a hold of somebody's hand he did pretty well. Here he is swimming with Aunt Nikki.


Matt and Carrie said...

OK - if I had known there was going to be nudity on your blog, I might not have visited...
Just kidding. What great memories!

tiff said...

look at the tan lines cougar has!!!