Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shining Mom Moment

Cougar is outside playing a little t-ball with the neighbor boy, Junior, who's about 6. Junior hit the ball and Cougar was very complimentary "Wow! What a good hit!" Cougar's turn. He hits the tee and the ball barely goes anywhere. Junior says "Whoa, that was stupid." (Hey rude kid!) Cougar just laughed and said "I can't say that, but it was lame, I'll try again." He's not allowed to say stupid and all the thousands of times I've said "Use NICE words" may have sunk in!


The Hillmans said...

Gotta love those Shining Mom Moments! It's amazing how many "I'm-just-going-to-pretend-that's-not-my-child-until-we-are-out-of-this-store" moments they can help you through. Love you!

The Weavers said...

Enjoy those moments while they last! =D

Kim said...

Kristi- again, three words: blog up date.