Monday, May 17, 2010

The Injury

As you may know. Phoenix broke his leg last Monday. I didn't see what happened, but Cougar says he tripped and landed on Phoe-Phoe's legs. Sounds credible to me. He was miserable in his splint, but after they put on the cast on Friday, he's been slowing learning how to be a terror again.

This cast was actually replaced today. I took him back in because the cast was scraping his foot, causing a blister between his toes, and bruising his chubby thigh. Our doctor took one look at it and said "Let's put a new one on." He couldn't believe how worn the thing was after just a few short days. He put on the same color cast, but it extends past his toes and has more room in the foot to avoid all the previous problems.

Two crazy boys sitting on the bathroom counter. (Yes, I am still trying to train both my potty trained boys to put the seat down...)

If I had a girl, she would probably look a little like this. :)


The Hillmans said...

I was just going to ask you to post pictures of the little guy. I'm glad he's adjusting and not in so much pain anymore. And he'd really make a darling girl. That picture had Ellie giggling on the floor. We miss you guys!

The Weavers said...

Kids in casts. What a hazzard! *hugs*

Tandi Davis said...

Haha!! I love the hair pic!!

Poor little phoe phoe. So glad he is on his way to feeling better!