Friday, June 5, 2009

100th Post!!

I've been thinking a lot lately about what my children are teaching me and thought that with my 100th post (go me) I would record some of those things.

Through Cougar I have learned the importance of perspective. In his eyes, plain old seagulls become "Eagles!" Various flowery weeds become beautiful bouquets that must be shared. I see another plane in the sky making those cloudy tracks. He sees a shooting star and a reason to make a wish. I see potato bugs or worms or some other common crawly thing and he sees great scientific discoveries. I see me as being average, plain, not much and he sees a beautiful woman who can fix any problem, do anything, who knows the answer to every question. He sees things a totally different way. His way is better. I need to look through his eyes more often.

Phoenix is teaching me to never settle. As soon as you accomplish a goal move on to the next thing. Keep growing and progressing. There's always room for improvement. He shows me that simply being with the people that love you is enough.


Tandi Davis said...

Great post, Kristi. We all need to take the time to see things as our kids do; to us those things may be boring and insignificant, but to look at things thru our children's eyes with such wonder and excitement....everything is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Beautiful beautiful. Reminds me of a quote I heard from author Shannon Hale . . . something like, "children don't need stories about golden apples because to them it's a wonder that apples are GREEN. It's adults who need the golden apples to remember the excitement of that childhood discovery." You go Kristi.