Saturday, February 27, 2010

Safe Kids Fair

This weekend was the annual Safe Kids Fair. We got to go all together as a family. Mark even got to come. He had a day off and it was amazing. We also met my sister Heidi and her family. Here are a few highlights.

Reptiles! Cougar is holding a very pretty corn snake. They also had a 140 pound Burmese python and a few other scaly critters. Way cool!

The whole reason we went! Batman! We got a quick visit with the Caped Crusader himself! Cougar loved it! You may not be able to tell, but Cougar is wearing a Batman hat and shirt as well as Batman socks and shoes. Batman even signed Cougar's shirt. According to Cougar it was well worth Daddy's standing in line for 45 minutes.


A giant pickle!


(Cougar kept going back, he's a little obsessed with Star Wars. Darth Vader was supposed to be there, but I guess he was sick. Poor, Darth Vader!)

The boys got to climb inside a helicopter and pretend to drive it! So fun!

Sparky the Fire Dog.

Overall, it was a fun day, though it did get crazier and crazier. It was just so enjoyable to be together.

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*~Lindsay~* said...

It looks like an incredibly fun day for Cougar.. Ps. I laughed out loud about Poor Darth Vader. Haha. :D