Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's Day

I like this day, but for some reason I can never remember it! I've been wanting to try to make yucky fake food desserts, but never remember. Cougar however looks forward to April Fool's Day like it's Christmas. I think I have a prankster on my hands. My favorite trick he tried yesterday was when he said "Mom! There's a enchilada on your shoulder" I gave the appropriate "Eww! Gross! (slight freak out)" response. Come to find out he didn't mean I had a large, cheesy, delicious mexican dish on my person, but a big, creepy, hairy spider. Ha! He'd gotten enchilada and tarantula mixed up!

For show and tell at preschool he was supposed to bring something to trick his class. He chose to take some gross pretend body parts (thanks Mom!). He had a tongue, hand, foot and eyeball. When it was his turn to show, he told his class he pulled them off his little brother! I'm going to have to watch my back as he gets bigger!

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Lindsay said...

Like father like son!!!!!