Thursday, January 13, 2011

For Mom

My mom got this for Phoenix for Christmas. We finally broke it out the other day when I decided the floor needed to be mopped. We don't have a bathtub, Phoenix is desperate for one. It wasn't long until somebody left a surprise in his diaper. We had to change the diaper, dump the water, sanitize everything and refill. It's not uncommon now to hear him ask in his sweetest voice, "Mommy, wawa, peas?" I am especially grateful for the drain in the middle of my kitchen floor. :)

Watch closely and you'll see that he's wearing his socks still.


The Hillmans said...

Ethan loves his water table, too. He hasn't actually gotten inside it yet, though. Please don't let Phoenix show him how!

JayTr said...

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Anonymous said...

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