Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Pulling Teeth

These pictures are a little out of order, but you're tough, you can handle it. My little monkey has to do everything his big brother does and big brother was getting his picture taken. If his face isn't dirty he looks like a girl, I keep it dirty so people aren't confused. ;)
Giant gaping whole in a freckled face. Does it get more Norman Rockwell than this kid?

Cougar lost his first tooth last night by tying a piece of floss to his tooth and the other end to the bullet of a nerf gun. Then he shot the nerf gun. It came out on the first try and he was so excited about it! My little brother pulled a tooth out this way and Cougar thought it was the greatest idea ever. Of course, he had to pull his out just like David did, he does everything David does. Today, the second tooth was hanging by a thread, but it was STUBBORN. We made several tries at pulling it out.

We tied it to Nike, our dog and made her run.

Cougar tried the trusty Nerf gun again.

We tried to get Phoenix to run while holding the string, that didn't work. (He hates clothes. I hate the fight dressing him causes, so he's naked most of the time, deal with it.)

Cougar tried running while Daddy held the string. This pulled it enough to make it bleed. The blood freaked him out a little bit and he let me pull it out. Poor little guy was just getting so frustrated he was on the verge of tears. We kept telling him, "It doesn't have to come out tonight. We can stop if you want, this is all up to you." He would have none of it. He was bound and determined that dang tooth was going to come out tonight!


K Kindlespire Family said...

Yay! Best blog update ever! I love the picture of so captured his personality! Hope Cougar doesn't keep losing teeth at this rate....heh, heh...very fun...thanks for updating.

The Hillmans said...

I can't believe Cougar stuck with it that long! Ellie was so terrified that she wouldn't let us touch her loose teeth EVER. She left them in until they'd wiggle when she just breathed (I'm not kidding) and she was so snaggle-toothed we felt bad for her. Cougar looks darling!

Katherine Kindlespire said...

This is absolutely adorable! Cougar and Phoenix are getting so big. Love you guys tons!!

K Kindlespire Family said...

p.s. Cougar could be a Norman Rockwell called it. So cute...all American boy.

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