Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's Talk.

Cougar stayed up WAAAAY too late last night and then refused to take a nap today. The result, lots and lots of whining. I finally said to him "Why are you whining so much?" even though I already knew the answer. He replied "Let's talk about it."

"Let's talk about what?" I said.

"About my whining"

This took me by surprise. "Umm....okay, tell me why you're whining".

"Because of the pressure"

"What pressure?"

"Because of the pressure I have"

Oh what I would give to be under his pressure. I'll trade in a heartbeat.

He then went on to tell me all about how our bodies get energy from the food we eat. He's quite a little scientist, lately. I am fostering a 170 pound English Mastiff. (A really gianormous dog) It was sleeping on the floor of my parents living room. Cougar was inspecting it and I heard little things he was saying to himself like "leg, one hundred miles long." He told me he was being a scientist. "Oh, are you makings observations?" I asked. He nodded, smiling, very pleased with himself.

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The P*dunc's said...

He is hilarious! What a cutie! I love hearing about what Cougar says.