Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Protect Your Children!

I had an interesting experience tonight when I was leaving Little Dragons and it really made me realize that Cougar needs to know his phone number and address.

I was turning right on to Center Street in Orem (This was at 5:30 so it was very busy) when I noticed a little boy walking down the sidewalk in shorts, no coat and leading a little dog on a leash. I didn't see his mom anywhere, but I could pull over so I drove a little ways and turned around to check on him. By the time I found him again he had crossed Center Street and 4th West? (the road Orem Community Hospital is on). A lady was leading him across the street and it didn't look like they knew each other. I pulled over and asked if she was his mom and she wasn't. Well, to make a long story short we got his little blue body in my car and asked him all kinds of questions. He was four years old and headed to his brothers' basketball practice at a school a few more blocks down the road. We tried calling the number on the dog's tag and nobody answered, so we called the police. When the police arrived they figured out that he lived roughly a half mile away from where he was and that this was the second time in a month that he has gone on a walk by himself. It just scares me to death, that was basically Cougar crossing center street! I am bound and determined to teach him our address and phone number now! I was waiting until he could successfully count past 3 in the right order, but have decided that this is more important. Not that he will be walking anywhere without my knowing about it, but it's important anyway! Please make sure your children know your full name, address and phone number. Without the dog's tags it might have been hours before the police found out where this little boy belonged. Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox.

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katie b said...

scary, scary, scary! where is the mom? i can't imagine our little boys wandering the busy streets.