Thursday, October 29, 2009


For those of you that didn't know I've been working at Cornbelly's (the corn maze at Thanksgiving Point) it's been lots of fun and a little while ago we went and used some of the free tickets I was given (gotta love free!)

Here they are, ready for an adventure filled day!

The Duck Races! Cougar loved this! You pumped the handle and sent your little duckie down a rain gutter type contraption. I love that he's got his tongue sticking out.

Here are my boys practicing their "cowboy skills". Wait, scratch that. Mark's practicing his "cowboy skills", Cougar's practicing his "cow" skills and Phoenix is practicing his "what-the-heck-is-my-brother-doing-now?" skills. (Despite the look on his face in this picture Cougar was actually enjoying himself.)

Ahh, The Jumping Pillows. Everyone loved them. Even Mommy. Yep I did these, too. These are the attraction I get to look at the whole time I'm working. I had been dying to try them. When I grow up, I'm gonna have one in my backyard. It'll be awesome!

Cougar just jumped on this pedal cart and started racing around the track without any instruction or encouragement. It was one of the moments when I wonder what happened to my tiny baby and how he was replaced with this KID without my noticing?

These pedal karts were even better than the others. You steer with your feet. I don't know what my problem was but I had a really hard time at first. I'm going to say it's because I had the baby and couldn't get my balance right. I could not get going, or steer or avoid crashing into straw bales. The sweet worker girl there could not help laughing at me. I finally passed the baby on to Mark, who was pedaling circles around me, literally and was able to make a few laps after that. So cool! I want one of these!

Waiting for the pig races to start. In the background here you can see "The Creature" which is actually really cool and hard to fully explain. You walk inside and it's like you're walking inside well, a giant inflatable lizard. It's really dark and you wind your way down the throat around the heart (which you can hear beating), more twists and turns and you're on the outside again. Cougar wasn't brave enough to try it on this trip, but he was fascinated by the outside and could hardly take his eyes away from it. We have since been back and he found the guts to go inside. The first time piggyback on Daddy. The second time just holding Daddy's hand. I'm pretty impressed that he did it considering I was holding Daddy's hand, too, knew what to expect and was still slightly freaked out.

The pig races! If you look in the bottom left corner you can see the little piggies running. I loved this. They really did run just about as fast as they could around that little track. I fully appreciated the amount of animal training that went into this little attraction when they brought out the pygmy goats (get it? PIG-MY ha ha) for a race. I could never in a million years get my not-so-smart-weed-eaters to run like that.

Quite possibly, even more entertaining than the pig races was Budrow! This is our home teacher pretending to be the Cornbelly's pig farming idiot. His real name is not Budrow, but I may start calling him Brother Budrow, just because.

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