Saturday, November 7, 2009


Cougar was watching some obnoxious commercial and we had the following conversation.

Cougar: "Why do they try to get us to buy their christmas stuff?"

Me: "Because they'll make lots of money if they can get people to buy their junk."

Cougar: "Mom! It's not junk. If it was junk it would have dirt on it."

I can't tell you how many different times he's quoted commercials at me. He watches Qubo and they tend to have the infomercial type commercials. He's told me all about Snuggies, Hollywood Bumpits and the Perfect Brownie Pan. If you no idea what I just said then, lucky you. Time to turn off the TV and read some books. Books never have commercial interruptions. :)

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Tandi Davis said...

That is hilarious!! Don't you know that EVERYONE needs a perfect brownie pan?? That is so funny that he pays attention to those.