Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family Preparedness

Our ward is participating in a 52 weeks to Family Preparedness Plan. They are sending home little flyers telling us what to get for the week and I thought it would be good thing to blog in case any of you need any help (like I do) getting started.

Last week's flyer said:
Our Church Leaders have asked us to make a concerted effort to obtain our year's supply of food and other essentials. Here are suggestions for a 52 week plan to help us all achieve this. Amounts given are for two people. Adjust the quantities you purchase for the number of family member in your home. The items will change weekly, so keep up with us and take the challenge to become PREPARED.

Food Storage Purchase: 8 cans of Tuna

Extra Item Purchase: 8 rolls of Toilet Paper (1 roll per week for 2 months)

72 Hour Kit: Obtain a backpack or small suitcase with wheels for each family member

Family Preparation (Choose One)
Store enough water for 72 hours
Preferred water storage-2 weeks-14 gallons per person. Also store purifying agents

Spiritual Preparedness
Read D&C 137 and 138
Have church magazines in your home and study the words of the modern day prophets

Week 2

Food Storage Purchase: 8 can of cream of chicken soup

Extra Item Purchase: Laundry Soap to last 2 months

72 Hour Kit: Obtain a blanket(wool is preferred) or sleeping bag per person. Also-sleeping mat

Family Preparation
By your nightstand place a pair of gloves, flashlight and shoes in case of an emergency in the middle of the night

Spiritual Preparednes
Read John 5:39, Mosiah 1:7, and Alma 17:2
Have daily scripture study

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Kim said...

That is really cool that your ward is doing this, I'll have to follow along : )