Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just had this revelation, okay, really it was more like a DUH! moment. I realized that I don't have to do everything around the house. It's time for Cougar to have chores! I'm working on the laundry and had a full basket of Cougar's clothes. I was just getting ready to put them away when I decided to see if Cougar wanted to *earn* a matchbox car ( I had one left over from potty training) I said earn like it was a the most amazing, stupendous, excitingly magical word in the whole world and of course he was all ready to *earn* it right away. He put all his clothes in the proper drawers and his shirts on hangers. I thought he was too young. What was I thinking? I've got to think up a chore chart, now.


Pam said...

There are 2 things that I am counting down and waiting for. 1- Kade potty trained. 2- Kade doing chores and helping around the house.


Lindsay said...

Humm...maybe I should try that, Kate and cougar are the same age! and I want to say thank you for the post on food storage. I have been trying to get ours done also....I just had no clue where to start. Keep them coming so that I can get them too. thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My sister just posted this chore chart site on her blog that she uses for her daughter. Maybe it would work for you. Kudos to Cougar!