Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baseball Game

Cougar and I had the opportunity to go to David's baseball game on Monday. Cougar is the ultimate cheerleader. He loves yelling to the team. "Go Marlins!!" David was up to bat first one inning and I told Cougar to watch. The pitcher was warming up and David was warming up. Cougar was excited to see some action and he was yelling "David, you can do it!" He yelled that a few times then turns to my mom and I and says "He's not doing it". It gave us all quite a laugh.

He's getting to be funnier and funnier. Lately he's been telling us that he doesn't want a baby anymore (Like it's his choice). Today he told me it's okay to have a new baby as long as it's a cowboy baby. He was looking at one of my baby name books that has cartoon babies on the cover. There is a cowboy baby. Living out here in Lake Shore it shouldn't be too hard to have a cowboy baby. It's just going to be a horseless cowboy. Maybe we can teach the baby to ride the goat instead.

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