Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yesterday, on his way home from work Mark nearly hit this little Chihuahua. It was running around on a very busy street with no collar so he brought it home for me to deal with. I called the Animal Shelter and they asked a few questions about him and then told me that a man had been in to release him to the shelter and when he found out they were going to charge him he got mad and left. He must have just dumped the dog, because Mark found him not far away from the shelter at all. I asked if since it was an owner release and not just a stray if I could just take him and get him adopted out through Lost Paws (a shelter rescue organization I work pretty closely with) They agreed so we are fostering him in one of the stables behind our house. He's a great little guy! Very outgoing and good with Cougar and David. We named him Cowboy because he was covered in cow pie when we found him. He has since had a bath and is very fun to have around. This little guy won't last long at all.
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Kaye said...

Hi dear, Aunt Linda will be out the third week in June and is looking for a small dog to take back with her. She asked if you would keep your eyes open for a nice one for them. Do you think this little guy would be a good choiced? XOXOXO-Mom