Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strawberry Days Rodeo

We went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo last night and had a wonderful time. It was a little hard for Cougar to sit still, but luckily we got there and were able to find seats where we could get down and go for walks without having to climb over anybody. Mark and Cougar went outside the rodeo grounds on one of these little walks and in order to get back in they were given a green cowboy stamp on their hands. Cougar thinks it's a picture of him. Goofy kid. Right before mutton bustin' started I told Cougar about how some kids were going to ride some sheep. "Me! " he said. "I wanna ride a sheep" After the first kid came out and promptly fell off he was content to watch. He did say "I can do that." Multiple times during bareback riding. We did discover that Cougar really doesn't like strawberries, but that was just fine with me because I got to eat his helping of strawberries 'n' cream. YUM! For the half time show (or pre bull riding entertainment) they had a couple guys come out and do freestyle motocross. Cougar has fallen in love with yet another sport. Having not had a nap all day and it being around 9:00 he was a tired little cowboy, but when those motorcycles started jumping he perked up and was clapping and screaming. He went absolutely nuts when they did backflips. Shortly after that he ate a cheeseburger and fell asleep.


Ace the Goat said...

hey! We were there too! Jake fell asleep during the rodeo too. I don't know how those kids do it, it is so loud!

Shannon said...

I missed the rodeo this year. Two hours is a long time to travel for a rodeo though. Taun would never make the journey with me...he hates the rodeo. We live so close to the rodeo grounds up here and that is all we have heard the last couple of days. I am glad that you had fun.

Mary said...

We went too, too bad we didn't see you there! Hope you guys are doing good, Cougar is such a cutie!