Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cougar's Birthday

All right! A few of you have made comments that I'm a little behind on my blog so here's the updates.

Cougar had a wonderful birthday! 3 years old, I can hardly believe it! We went bowling at Jack and Jill's and had cake and ice cream there, too. They gave him a bowling pin to have people sign. He calls it his treasure and has even slept with it a few times. (He's also dropped it on his foot a few times)

I made Cougar's birthday cake and was proud of it! I'm not an expert at cake decorating, but I try. In my family it's a tradition to make a "fancy" cake like this and I've got a lot to learn before I can compare to some of the cakes my mom made for us when I was growing up. (Like my HUGE horse cake. She made the entire horse! Legs, tail, mane. It was amazing!!)

Cougar shares his birthday with Grandma Kindlespire and this year it was her 50th! We had a surprise party for her down at BYU. We love Grandma and were so happy to share this special day with her.

We had one more present waiting for Cougar when we got home that night. A new big boy bike! He was so excited about it, but he refuses to push the pedals. He does like it when Daddy pushes him on it though. Watching him ride that bike I had one of those where-did-my-baby-go moments. He looked so big sitting on a real bike.

We have proof that Cougar is 3. He's started asking "Why?" Everything I say requires a 10 minute explanation. What a wonderful stage!
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Matt & Carrie said...

Happy late Birthday, Cougar! Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate with you. Hope you had fun bowling! We love you!

Shannon said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Sorry we missed it!