Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daddy Got In Trouble.

Things are starting to fall into a routine here. We're still loving it here and don't think we could be happier. Cougar is adjusting to not having cousins to play with and has become very good friends with our beagle, Juniper. It's fun to see. Ever since I was a little girl the vision I had of the sons I would raise was your typical Norman Rockwell type boy. Frogs in his pocket, dirty face with a dog trailing behind. I think I might be seeing that exact image not too far in the future (Heaven knows I see the dirty face part constantly).

I gave up on clothes today. No, not for me, for Cougar. I've been changing his clothes 3 to 4 times a day. I'm not one to change his clothes unless he absolutely needs it. He's not getting just a little bit dirty, he's covered in mud almost all the time. Luckily, he understands what the mudroom is for and will stand there until I can get him all cleaned up. So, when he wanted to go outside to play this morning, I took off his PJ's, sprayed him with sunscreen, put on his crocs and sent him out to have fun. It's funny, I thought "He's not naked, he's wearing sunscreen!" Anyway, he was as happy as can be and so was I.

Mark is just now beginning to learn that he can't say anything to Cougar that he doesn't want repeated. The other night we were loading up yet another trailer load of stuff (we are still moving bird stuff). I was feeling tired and pregnant and therefore grumpy and impatient. We were just about finished, Mark took Cougar and drove the truck back to the front of the house while I turned some lights off. When I met back up with them Mark was in the garage getting a few things, I opened the truck door where Cougar was and he immediately says "Mom, you driving Daddy CRAZY!" He said it too me a couple more times and I turned to Mark and said "Did you say something to Cougar about me?" Mark tried to deny it, but then heard Cougar pipe up again. "You driving Daddy CRAZY!" How do you deny that? Mark looked a little sheepish and I tried to be a little more bearable to be around.

The lady that just moved in to the other house has a couple of grand kids that have been around to play a couple times. Their names are Carly and Junior. So, naturally, what does Cougar think of? Carl's Junior. I couldn't tell if he was asking to play with the kids or to go to the restaurant (Grandma Kindlespire has taken him to Carl's Junior a few times and he loves it. He talks about it for days afterward.) So I asked him "Do you want Carly and Junior the kids or Carl's Junior the food?" It was one of those questions that you immediately regret after it leaves your mouth. I'm sure he thought "You mean I have the choice?" We were driving, yet again and he started asking for Carl's Junior every minute and a half. You think I would learn to think about what I'm saying before I say it.

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Matt & Carrie said...

Oh, Kristi. These are the first of MANY "Ooops...did I say that out loud?!" moments!!