Thursday, May 22, 2008

More About the Place

Oh! Remember the BIG mud puddle I mentioned previously? Well, when it rains it gets even bigger! It's okay, you can be jealous that we have our own swimming pool right out the door. This picture was taken yesterday. It's rained some more since then. Thankfully, it's been so cold Cougar hasn't wanted to go outside to play. He might be up to his neck in water.

We are discovering a whole lot down here. (oh by the way be prepared for lots of updates I haven't had the internet for a while.) We went on a frog hunt a couple nights ago. Mark pushed Cougar on his trike and I carried Cougar's pretend rifle. They would very often stop and go "stalking" through the grass. Cougar would take the gun from me and follow Daddy all hunched over. We didn't see any frogs, we heard a few, but it was just fun to be out together and to see all of the property.

We've also discovered that our house is haunted. Sunday morning our laundry room door had a doorknob and later that night it was gone. We still have been unable to find it. (Some of you may not know this, but our house was at one time a veterinary clinic. Our laundry room, we believe was the surgery room). Also, when the wind blows a certain door makes sounds that sound an awful lot like a cat crying. Sometimes the door even sounds like a lady screaming. (I'll admit it had me pretty freaked out at first). So, we've decided that we are being haunted by a poor cat's soul who had a terrible experience at the animal hospital and later died. We are currently trying to make contact with it so we can figure out what is keeping it here. We hope to help it cross over soon. (Do you think Jennifer Love Hewitt would help us?)


Andrea said...

So is this place on the farm that Grandma and Grandpa bought or is it somewhere else?

Kristi said...

Yes, this is on the farm.