Saturday, May 24, 2008

Frog Hunting Success!!

Mark successfully caught a frog tonight. He heard them, but Cougar and I were too cold to follow him. He went hunting by himself (He's got to be getting used to that by now) and caught this cute little guy. We believe it's called a chorus frog. It's funny, I never saw an actual frog in the state of Utah, a few toads, but never a frog. Since I've been married to him I've seen more frogs and lizards than I ever imagined I could. (Including 7 that live in an aquarium in Cougar's room). I think the smile on Cougar's face sums up what he thought of the whole thing.
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Ace the Goat said...

be careful...we used to have TONS of frogs at the pond in Lava, till Mark started catching them. :)