Monday, May 12, 2008

Mark's Hobby

In the past 3 years or so Mark has developed a new hobby that has encompassed the family. He breeds and raises game birds. Mostly pheasants, but he also has chuckar, quail, doves, peacocks, and turkeys.

He gathers their eggs, incubates them, hatches them out and sells the chicks. It is a very time consuming hobby, but he enjoys it. I personally don't get it, but he doesn't understand why I enjoy knitting, so what can I say? Cougar loves to go out and help his daddy take care of the birds. He shows no fear when the birds start flapping around his head and will crawl into their huts to collect eggs for Daddy. I think one of his favorite parts of bird raising is the chicks. Mark hatches out around 600 chicks (maybe more) in the spring so there's no shortage of baby birds. Cougar loves to hold them and will even kiss them on their little heads. Without a doubt he will always say "Awww...he's so cute".
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